Firearm Training what’s it all about and do you need it?

The first question we get asked is “What exactly is the right amount of training?” There are different kinds of firearm owners who all have a different idea of what training is and how much they need!

man training in shooting range with a compact pistol

So let's start where everyone starts …. Firearm Competency training!

The mandatory competency training that we all have to undergo …. As far as we are concerned, that is not real training. All that is, is just a basic rubberstamp to see if you are relatively proficient in the use and handling of a firearm. I can tell you from experience the huge number of individuals who have don’t this “training” and are incompetent from a safety perspective and cannot shoot accurately under any kind of pressure.

This is not proper training!

“I Train, I go to the range at least once a year or so?”

If you are one of these guys who pop over to the range every now and then, blast away at a target and call it training … think again, this is not training this is just wasting ammo. Its fun, but it accomplishes nothing. Any bad habits you have are reinforced, and you are not actually improving in any noticeable way. This seems to be the norm among many gun owners, at best their skills remain at base level and they think they will just get by!

This is not proper training!

So why train and what does proper training mean realistically? It means that in any time of need all you have to save your life or your family’s life is just you and your existing skills. (you can’t hope a passer-by who is trained may stop to help you out) Help will most likely come too little and too late. Whatever abilities you have trained on and worked on, will be the only thing on the table – this is reality!

So this brings me to the point of this article … If you wish to prevail, make good decisions under fire, and potentially survive …. You may have to make a personal investment to acquire the necessary skills you will need. On the up side …. It’s a lot of fun!

Most people don’t want to think about their own mortality, and as a result we ignore the possibility that handgun training may be a necessary skillset to survive the world we live in now. Let me ask you this…. Based on the violence we see in the world today, can you afford NOT to be proficient with a firearm?

We get lots of enquiries about training and they all seem keen until they find out they have to pay for it and then they disappear back into the mists of social media make believe. I am used to this, it seems to be the norm, but think about this … is the cost of training more than the cost of the potential catastrophe of not being trained and prepared? That’s for you to decide

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In the next few articles we will cover what kind of training should you be doing?
What is the purpose of our training?
How much training should you be doing!
Plus some tips and tricks to get you going!

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