Shooting Skills Training

Owning a gun is not the final answer. What all gun owners need to know from the very beginning is that shooting is a perishable skill. What this means is that if you have a firearm and never bother to practice with it you are very likely going to miss the target on the day you need it or be to slow to bring it into the fray.

We have partnered with Shield Tactical Solutions to bring our customers a series of shooting skills courses, training solutions and coaching optionsĀ  to suit all out customers various needs.

First time shooters

If you have never shot a gun before this is for you – an introduction to handgun shooting that covers safety, firearm handling, dry fire and live fire shooting.

Pre Competency

A quick confidence builder prior to your competency test. This is similar to the first time shooter package but focuses on accuracy and gun handling skills to ensure you pass your competency practical test

Pre Purchase Training

Sounds strange? This one is actually quite important. Before you just go out and buy a gun, make sure that you are buying the right gun! In this course we continue focusing on gun handling and accuracy but at the same time get you to shoot 6 of the most popular firearms so that we can help you make the right choice before you buy a gun!

Beginner Shooters

So, you have shot a gun a few times , but really in the bigger scheme of things you need practice, training and guidance.

This training is perfect for those waiting for their firearm license approval as well as first time gun owners. If you have purchased your firearm through The Shooting Range you will be able to train with your own gun while you wait for your license approval. If not, don’t worry we have a variety of firearms that you can hire and still train while you wait for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn. The best part of this training is that on the day that you fetch your new firearm you will know that at least you can use it effectively

Intermediate Shooters

So you have a gun, but in reality you need to make sure you can use it effectively. Our intermediate training is all about making sure you can draw and fire fast and accurately. Teaching you to move and shoot as well as transitioning between targets. This is the training you need to be proficient owning a gun and to be carrying it on a day to day basis

Ongoing Training

With shooting training you get out what you put in. We have many clients that train on an ongoing basis, on either a weekly, bi-weekly schedule. With this training we tailor make each lesson to continually add to your skill set. Shooters in this program get a perfect mix of all the skills we teach with continual classification shoots to benchmark their progress.

Competitive Shooting

We regularly run competitions between out students so that you can see exactly how well you are progressing. We also teach a competition readiness class in which you learn all about competitive shooting and the rules and regulations that go with it. Once through this class our students are ready to enter the fun world of competitive shooting.

For those interested in this side of shooting we help you achieve your dedicated sport status to help with firearm licensing. And our club members are able to shoot in club matched that count points towards maintaining that status.

a pretty blonde lady shooting a gun in low light conditions

Where to start?

It all starts here ….

Sign up for our Intro to Firearms course, all shooters entering our training start here, this is where we show you all the basics, and most importantly the safety aspects of handling firearms.

If you are familiar with guns we still start here and use this as an assessment lesson and from here we can accurately place you in the right set of skills building lessons that will benefit you the most.

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