Shooting Training

Shooting training in South Africa falls into two distinct categories, namely Competency training and Skills training. At The Shooting Range we are able to facilitate both of these to give our clients a complete shooting solution. If you are looking for shooting training in Johannesburg, keep reading and find a solution to suit your needs

Competency Training

Competency training has not too much to do with proper shooting competence. This is the training you need to do prior to submitting a firearm license application. It is a series of basic theory and and practical shooting tests to see if you as a potential firearm owner have enough competency to safely own a firearm. Most importantly it is also a legal stepping stone! By passing your competency you are, from a legal standpoint, showing the authorities that you know the law related to firearm ownership. If for some reason you break that law you cannot say “I did not know”.

Competency training should be your first but definitely not your last step on your firearm training journey

Skills Building

Skills training is taking your shooting to the next level. As a firearm owner this is to make sure that you have the necessary shooting skills to be able to use your firearm in any given situation. This is up to you and is not a legal requirement, although we believe it is a moral requirement.

Many firearm owners buy a gun and maybe take it to the range once a year. They blast away at a piece of paper and think that that is their “training” done for they year. All they have done is successfully wasted ammunition and created a false sense of security.

Take your first steps to becoming fully proficient in the use of your firearm.

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